Zuventus New Product Launches.

From 28 Cr in Jan'10, total Vitamin D market has grown to 164 Cr in Jan'13 & still growing at 157%. Vitamin D injection is also contributing with 7.0 Cr value & 3.0 Lacs unit sales per month. This segment is showing a growth of 40% and emerging as an opportunity for VITANOVA. Therefore with this objective VITANOVA 6 L injection has been launched. VITANOVA 6L injection contains Cholecalciferol 6, 00,000 IU to be given IM to treat severe vitamin D deficiency. Launch of VITANOVA 6 L injections will be an aggressive entry into specialties liked: Ortho, Rheumato & Physician to increase our market share.

Zuventus Gromaxx has taken a new leap in Airway management with the launch of 1st time in India; "Seretra". This novel controller drug opens a new window of 900 Crs Respiratory market for us. Seratrodast is a novel respiratory TXA2 receptor antagonist that works and makes a significant difference in Asthma & Allergic Rhinitis. This ideal controller drug gives us an opportunity to strengthen our presence while making Gromaxx a serious player in this segment. Seretra is poised to become 25 Crs in the year 2013-14.

We are proud to introduce the line extension of first indigenously researched, unique, cytoprotective antiulcerant Troxip as Troxip-OD. The once a day benefit of Troxip-OD will bring respite to patients who are suffering from intractable acid peptic disorders, specially gastritis, GERD & P.U., even after taking PPI, H2RA etc for years together.

Despite being inhabitant of a sunny country, ironically 90% of Indian Population is suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, to drive away Vit D deficiency, new incorporation of VITANOVA-SG in highly successful Vitanova group will definitely enhance compliance vis-a vis normalization of Vit D level in everyone's systems.

ZuventusOdenea, a flagship division is dedicated in pain management therapy. The need for supportive therapy apart from pain relieving therapy has increased manifold in specialties like orthopedic surgeons & consultant physicians. Therefore to fulfill this therapeutic gap, ZuventusOdenea launches Eucalmin.There is a multifactorial deficiency of Calcium, Minerals & antioxidants in osteodegenerative diseases.

In such cases Doctors currently prescribe plain Calcium/combination with Calcitriol which is insufficient to meet all the underlined deficiencies.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a Multidimentional Nutritional therapeutic Approachi.eEucalmin to normalize calcium, mineral & restore quality of life.

Salient Features:
  • It ensures therapy compliance. l Complete therapeutic dosage .
  • Better relief for synergistic action. l Ideal for post operative, cardiac& diabetic patients

Zuventus Lasor is strengthening its nutritional supplement basket by entering into the Amino acids supplements market with AMINOGEST CAPSULES / SUSPENSION.

AMINOGEST contains 9 Essential Amino Acids, Vitamins (including Methylcobalamin) & Minerals.

AMINOGEST is being promoted in Intra Uterine Growth Restriction (IUGR), general debility, convalescence & failure to thrive cases in children.

With the launch of a next level GI prokinetic Retune ĖLS (Levosulpiride) Zuventus has taken a further step in strengthening its presence in the prokinetic market valued more than 100 cr and growing annually by 8%.
Levosulpiride is a widely accepted molecule across the specialties, clearly demonstrated by its double digit growth of 37%. . Furthermore Retune-LS has been launched with a high patient benefit in economy. This edge will give us a stronger chance to be amongst the top 5 brands of the prokinetic market

Floresp-AZ & Floresp
With Floresp-AZ & Floresp Nasal Spray, we are taking a new leap in to the most dynamic & competitive Inhaled Respiratory market. Respiratory Nasal Spray market is valued at Rs. 100 Cr growing with 40%.
We are introducing world's best Cartridge Pump System 1sl time in India. CPS Nasal Spray is the next generation Nasal Drug Delivery Device which scores miles ahead in drug deposition, patient's compliance and maintenance over conventional nasal sprays available in India.
This gives us immense opportunity to enhance our presence while making Gromaxx a formidable force in Respiratory segment

Zuventus has joined hands with world renowned vaccine manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur to exclusively market World class Anti-Rabies vaccine, VERORAB Inj.
VERORAB is a WHO Pre-qualified and reference Rabies Vaccine (PVRV) which enjoys world wide recognition and trust as more than 110 million doses have been used across 100 countries.
VERORAB is the only Prefilled Rabies Vaccine available in India and is recommended for both Pre and Post exposure Rabies vaccination. VERORAB has proven safety in Infants, Children, adults and all Trimester of pregnancy.
To prevent fatalities of Rabies, Zuventus is looking forward to taking VERORAB, the globally trusted Anti-Rabies vaccine to every nook & corner of our country

Fluvista (Flupirtine Maleate 100 mg capsules) is a novel, non opioid, centrally acting analgesic. It has unique mechanism of action as it is a selective neuronal potassium channel opener (SNEPCO). It inhibits neuronal transmission of pain by inhibiting generation of action potential in neurons.
Launch of Fluvista is a strategic addition to the pain management portfolio of Odenea

The ever-growing GI market has become even more vibrant with launch of fixed dose combination of Rabeprazole + Levosulpiride. Growth of this combination is basically because of molecular superiority of this combination over Itopride, Cinitapride plain & combinations.
Rabifast XL has entered into the market with promise of complete GUT relief in functional GI Dysmotility disorders like functional dyspepsia, gastroparesis, IBS associated with constipation, intestinal pseudo-obstruction & GERD associated with hyperacidity.

1st Time in India , Zuventus has proudly Launched TICOGINA
( Tioconazole 6.5% Vaginal Gel ) for Vulvovaginal Candidiasis. Tioconazole is a US-FDA approved molecule for VVC and has a braod spectrum of activity against C.albicans and non C.albicans.

ZOSTUM 750: Another propeller to ZOSTUM group
With existing strength of ZOSTUM 1.5gm & 3gm of ZOSTUM 2:1 combination there is a gap area in treating patients of 20-40kg body weight. Therefore to strengthen our portfolio by exploring this opportunity area we are pleased to launch ZOSTUM 750mg injection with 500mg Cefoperazone + 250mg sulbactam

Launch of Falcinil Forte (Artesunate 120 mg) will certainly complement Falcinil injections by filling the gap that exists with 60 mg Artesunate. In higher body weight patients, more than one vial of 60mg artesunate is used which leads to multiple pricks, causing patient inconvenience as well as adding to the cost of the therapy. Launch of Falcinil Forte will give us early mover advantage in the rapidly growing anti-malarial market.

Drives Away D3 DeficiencyVitamin D deficiency is an major concern in India affecting all age groups. VITANOVA, a brand of vitamin D3 containing 60,000 IU of Cholecalciferol has been introduced to address this health concern. Increasing awareness on Vitamin D deficiency and its implications is widening the market of Vitamin Ė D. The total market of Vitamin D & Combinations is 500Cr and growing by 35%. We are confident that VITANOVA will make a strong hold in this market.

First phase of motherhood is immensely important because a good and safe beginning during pregnancy ensures a healthy and safe baby.Therefore, Zuventus has introduced Sefstart which is designed to start pregnancy safely. In additon, Sefstart has equal importance in preventing cardiac complications as it controls hyperhomocysteinemia too.

Gutclear IG
With Gutclear-IG, combination of Ispaghula Husk and Lactitol, we are entering into a dynamic and growing market of bulk laxative valued at 100 crs , growing at the rate of 30%. This gives us immense opportunity to enhance our presence in this segment.

Lafaxid D
To strengthen our foray in the acid peptic disorders which began with the novel molecule Lafutidine (Lafaxid) Lafaxid-D, a unique combination of lafutidine and domperidone has been recently launched. Lafaxid D is the only brand that is available in tablet form that ensures better control & relief .The unique combination of a comprehensive acid control & prokinetic action provides immense opportunity to establish Zuventus in Gastro Anti-ulcerant market, valued at more than 2000 Crs and growing by 18% annually. Lafaxid & Lafaxid D are poised to become a 10 cr brand in the year 2011-12.

Cortimax 12mg/18mg/30mg
Cortimax currently ranked no 3 in the Deflazacort market has been strengthened with three new strengths - 30mg/18mg/12mg,.This makes Cortimax the only brand in the Deflazacort market with all the strengths required for a step down therapy in the management of inflammatory disorders. This extension will give us a stronger chance for leadership in the 300 crs oral corticosteroid market with the aim of being amongst the top 2 brands in 2011-12.

Nukast-4 syrup
Montelukast + Levocetrizine is one of the fastest growing segments in Indian Pharma industry. This combination also has a huge prospective market in the pediatric segment. Nukast-4 syrup- the first time in India combination of Montelukast + Levocetrizine in syrup form has been introduced. The introduction of this formulation will open up new arenas in the pediatric respiratory market. This pack will give us an opportunity to aim for top 5 rank in the Levo-monte market and no 1 position in pediatric segment.

We are pleased to introduce Soventus-DC, a sedation free, wholesome cough reliever in the management of RTI associated dry cough. With Soventus-DC we have entered a gigantic cough market worth 1500 Cr growing at 12%. Soventus-DC contains Levocloperastine which has 3 unique properties: antitussive, antispasmodic & anti-allergic which provides a wholesome cough reliever to the patients.

Falcinil-AQ, a WHO 2010 endorsed fixed dose combination of Artesunate and Amodiaquine launched for the 1st time in India. Falcinil-AQ is effective against chloroquine-resistant P. Vivax malaria, MDR P. falciparum malaria in high transmission area and ideal switch-over therapy after injectable Artemisinin derivatives.Launch of Falcinil-AQ will compliment Falcinil range thereby strengthening our presence in 400 Cr antimalarial market.

Fevridol 1g IV
Fevridol 1g IV (Paracetamol infusion 1000mg/100ml) is a safe and fast acting analgesic,antipyretic. This launch will strengthen our presence in every ICU. Fevridol 1g IV will help us to garner market share in injectable analgesic antipyretic segment which is a 500 crore market growing at 16%.

C Tax -OF
Launch of C Tax -OF will help us to establish our mark in an 80 cr cefixime plus ofloxacin market. C Tax - OF overcomes resistance and ensures guaranteed success in fever associated with serious infection.

Feronia HP
In high risk pregnancies which constitute about 10% of all pregnancies, ferrous ascorbate + folic acid may not suffice. There is also a need of methylcobalamin and zinc. Launch of Feronia HP which provide Ferrous ascorbate, folic acid, methycobalamin and zinc is designed to ensure favourable pregnancy outcome.

Zuvog-M 0.3
With launch of Zuvog-M 0.3 (fixed dose combination of voglibose 0.3 mg+ 500 mg SR metformin )in last quarter, Zuventus is all set to establish a mark in oral anti diabetic market valued at 1800 cr.With the rapid acceptance of AGIís+ metformin combinations, launch of Zuvog-M 0.3 will help us in getting close to diabetologists and create a mark in 11 cr AGIís+ metformin market.

Forplus 400
Forplus 400 (Teicoplanin injections) launch will help us in getting an entry into ICU setup along with an entry into 150 cr of Teicoplanin, Vancomycin & Linezolid.

Oxapro 600
With launch of Odenea division specially catering pain management, launch of Oxapro 600 (Oxaprozin tablets) in Zuventus healthcare gives an opportunity to enter into 2000 cr NSAID market. Molecular superiority over other NSAIDS along with early mover advantage Oxapro is all set to be a big brand in near future.

Maxtra P DS
Launch of MAxtra COLD tablets (Phenylephrine+ Paracetamol+ Nimesulide+Cetrizine+ Caffeine) and MAXTRA P DS (Phenylephrine+ Paracetamol+ CPM) will help us in establishing firmly in 450 cr anti cold market. This coupled along with Maxtra brand equity; we are hopeful Maxtra range crossed 25 cr in coming year.

The gaining acceptance of chirality in hypertension management will help Eslo-Met (S- Amlodipine (2.5/5 mg) + S-Metoprolol (25 mg) ) and thereby Eslo range. 47 crs market of amlodipine with metoprolol with 67 % growth rate launch of Eslo Met will help us in getting close to cardiologists along with establishing in angina where our presence is relatively poor.

Rabifast IV
To regain the lost prescriber base of Pansa IV launch of Rabifast IV will help us in compensating the same. In 18 cr rabeprazole IV market this launch is a timely launch and it will also complement sale of rabifast tablets.

Launch of Zutig (Tigecycline injections) will help us in strengthening our anti infectives basket.

Peglast (Pegfilgrastim)
PEGLAST (Pegfilgrastim) is the latest and the most prestigious product introduced by Zuventus Oncocare in Indian Oncology market. PEGLAST is a NDDS of Filgrastim (G-CSF) that is used to overcome neutropenia, an adverse event in chemotherapy treated cancer patients. PEGLAST is given once per chemotherapy cycle, which otherwise requires multiple doses of regular FILGRASTIM (G-CSF).In India more than 7, 00,000 new patients are identified with various cancers and at any given time 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 of these patients are on various chemotherapy treatments.

Neutropenia is the common side effect of any chemotherapy protocol, given the fact that most of the Indian population is otherwise anemic. So the potential of PEGLAST usage is immense. However, the major constraint in PEGFILGRASTIM usage is its very high price. We at Zuventus have tried to break the price barrier by launching technologically advanced PEGLAST, at a very affordable price (35-40% less than the brands available in the market). With PEGLAST, Zuventus hopes to expand the usage of pegfilgrastim, because it is 10-20 times better than regular G-CSF.
Odenea has launched 2 new NASIADS, NEXDOL-P a Tremadol + Paracetamol combination and the entire range of PURON i.e dexketoprofen. This will help Odenea to further establish its self in the pain management segment.

Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin 20mg- Emerging technology in cancer therapy (cervical and breast cancer) focuses on improving efficacy, but while at the same time reducing severe toxicity seen in the drug.


Palonosetron i.e Instantino is a drug which ensures week long emesis control in patients suffering from chemo therapy induced vomiting.


Gutclear is aimed at providing superior response in the management of constipation over current therapies like lactulose and liquid paraffin combinations.Additionally, Gutclear also helps in reducing the load of ammonia (toxic substance) in hepatic encephalopathy patients by preventing absorption of ammonia from the colon.


In order to control the underlying problem in asthma and COPD, our new product Brophyle controls respiratory inflammation, stimulates production of lung surfactant, offers broncho dilation and mucociliary action thus providing more air per breath.


(Filgrastim 300mcg) In cancer patients, it is essential to stimulate granulocyte (Leukocyte) production of the body to prevent the complications of impaired immunity due to radiation and chemotherapy. Thus Itact represents a great opportunity for Zuventus Oncocare to get added in every prescription given to cancer patients.

LORETA - P is a newer fixed dose combination of Lornoxicam - 8 mg + Paracetamol - 500 mg Tablet, operating in oral NSAID market which is currently valued at Rs.1275 crs. LORETA - P potentiates the pain relief in painful inflammatory conditions with proven safety in renally compromised, hypertensive and elderly patients. Our major focused doctor specialties for LORETA - P are Orthos, CPs and GPs.

BEVON - CD is an innovative antioxidant with Omega 3 fatty acid formulations. It ensures adequate protection in chronic disorders and scavenge oxidants and provides protection in cardiac and diabetic patients. It is primarily focused amongst cardiologists and dialiectologists. It is a sugar free formulation and approved by DCGI.

C-TAX -O 400 is a line extension of our existing C-TAX-O brand which is worth Rs.11.5 crores, which provides higher dose of cefixime i.e. 400 mg. C-TAX-O 400 offers once daily dosing convenience in typhoid where the dose and duration of therapy is higher.

FALCINIL - LFX tablet is a fixed dose combination of artemether with lumefantrine in a dose of 80 mg and 480 mg respectively. It is plying in the oral antimalarial market which is worth Rs.108 crores. FALCINIL-LFX tablet provides 1 tablet bid convenience more over in the wake of chloroquine resistance to falciparum strains, the combination becomes the preferred choice.